YaYa’s Pecan Pie


(please excuse the crazy depth of field in above photo, I've been playing with a new lens...) I have to admit I'd never really given pecan pie a chance until recently. I really like the candied pecans my Mom makes, recipe here. I like a lot of recipes that include pecans, but for some reason I was always hesitant to eat pecan pie. I'd tried some in the past and just remembered it having an odd texture I think. Anyway, over the holidays this past year I became addicted to the stuff. My Mom is … [Read more...]

Gram’s Pralines


I still can't believe I have THE famous praline recipe my Gram has been making for years in my hand at this very moment... My Gram is famous around these parts for her pralines. Christmas time = time for pralines :) Here's her delicious recipe, add these to your Christmas cookie baskets this year and your friends and family will love ya! Ingredients: 1 Cup light brown sugar 1 Cup white sugar 1/2 Cup carnation milk 2 Tbsp. white karo syrup 2 Tbsp. butter 1 Cup of Pecans 1 Tbsp. … [Read more...]

Bran Muffins – Trust Me, They’re Awesome.


Bran muffins have been a breakfast staple in our family for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to have been introduced to them young, had I been old enough to draw my own conclusion based on what I know of bran I probably never would have tried them. You know, like my seafood issues. Try these you will not be disappointed! Since the mix stores for 4 weeks it's nice to just keep it made up in your fridge and throw a batch in the oven every morning. They're sweet and great hot out of the … [Read more...]