The best homemade Pimento Cheese


This is by far the best pimento cheese recipe I have ever tasted. I didn’t always like pimento cheese, and until I came across this recipe was only mildly interested in it. I grated my own cheese, and used the fine end of the grater. I really like smooth pimento cheese, but you can also [ Read More ]

Accidentally Amazing Macaroni and Cheese


It’s exactly how it sounds. I accidentally made some amazing macaroni and cheese on Christmas day. Family was coming over and we needed one more side. My Mom shouted the order “Lindsey, mac ‘n cheese! Stat!” I answered the call. It was more like “Hey Lindsey don’t you think we need another side? Do we [ Read More ]

How to prepare a bagel


Ever since I was a little girl my Mom has always made us bagels this way. I just assumed it was the only way. Until I got older and ordered bagels at various restaurants only to be disappointed by the lack of butter involved. I realize there are far less caloric preparation techniques, however, in [ Read More ]

Yummy Holiday Dessert & Candy Recipes


In the midst of our moving, again, I failed to realize we reached our one year anniversary here at Some time in October we should have had a big ‘ol party! I wanted to highlight my favorite recipes posted through the past year that also fit the bill for the holiday season. Check out [ Read More ]

Cream Cheese Tortilla Roll-Ups


These little things are so versatile and you really can’t go wrong when cream cheese is involved. Our family usually just uses black olives, green chilies and cream cheese, but I’ve seen so many different variations. Everything from ham and cheese to sweeter versions for dessert. This is more of a method than a recipe, [ Read More ]

Creamy Caesar Chicken Pasta Bake


A friend of ours had us over for dinner and made this delicious dish. Needless to say I had to have the recipe. She’s one of those that just naturally knows how to throw things together and have it all work perfectly. I am not one of those. I need a recipe to follow This [ Read More ]

Homemade Tortilla Chips


{ iPhone Picture } These are delicious. The fact that they took a whole 2 seconds (slight exaggeration) to throw together made them all that much more satisfying. Here are the short but sweet directions: Use a pastry brush to apply olive oil to each side of your corn tortillas Stack them back up and [ Read More ]

Reader Recipes – Easy Chicken & Veggie Pasta


Reader Recipes is a new thing we’re doing ’round here . I receive some amazingly delicious recipes via email from time to time and decided to start featuring them here on the site so you can all benefit from one another’s creativity in the kitchen. Today we have a recipe from Victoria Munoz. About Victoria [ Read More ]

Make your own croutons


Back in April I posted about a salad bar lunch my Mom whipped up for us. She made these very simple, but out of this world, croutons Here is the recipe. ingredients house seasoning (garlic powder, salt, black pepper) French Bread – I had some left over from a meal so I froze it until [ Read More ]

Stuffed Bell Peppers from Dashing Dish!


My friend Katie from Dashing Dish has some a-mazing recipes on her site! We just returned from our whirlwind trip and both feel like all we’ve eaten is pounds and pounds of butter So when making my grocery list this afternoon I went straight to and started planning meals for this week. First up [ Read More ]