Happy Valentine’s Day! Our little Sweetheart is 4 Today ♥


I've spent the morning and, really, the past month torturing myself with baby pictures of our now 4 year old. For Chloe's birthday today I've been putting a photo album together with pictures from the day she was born to present. I often hear that once you have your second baby you do not take nearly as many pictures or document things as much, so I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible. The downside to this is I've spent many tearful afternoons looking at pictures like this one, that seem … [Read more...]

What not to say to a pregnant woman…


We have all heard those stereotypical things people say to pregnant women. When pregnant with Chloe, I was fortunate to have avoided those type of comments. Lately it seems that's all anyone can think to say to me. As of today, I am 29 weeks pregnant. Based on people's reactions when I tell them how far along I am, I apparently look about 40+ weeks pregnant. I should say first, said people asked how far along I was. Complete strangers who think its okay to respond with lines like … [Read more...]

So, as it turns out…


I am not magical. I thought I could do everything and get it all done in a timely fashion, however, that is definitely not the case. Leading up to our move I had so many plans for our new home and business. As it turns out, pregnancy trumps all. Pregnancy combined with . . . moving overseas, a new puppy, an increasingly more defiant 3 year old, and a house that needs to be put together is not exactly the equation for doing anything in a timely fashion. That said . . . If you have emailed … [Read more...]

The Stomach Flu & The Kennedys MiniSeries


This past week has been a whirlwind of craziness. We are in the process of PCS'ing from Hawaii to Texas, in the civilian world they call this moving. In the Military they require acronyms for acronyms :) PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station. I'm pregnant, and easily overwhelmed, so my Husband sent Chloe and I ahead of him to be with family while he clears post, cleans the house, finishes everything up and deals with the movers. I love my Husband ♥ Our 7.5 hour flight from … [Read more...]

Supernanny Reward Charts

Picture 9

Oh the threes. I had always heard the twos were terrible, but man the threes.. The twos were a breeze and I was convinced I'd sailed through the supposed hard times without a hitch. I still think my little one is an angel muffin who can do no wrong, however, It's my job as her Mom to teach her socially acceptable behavior :) While googling in search of a reward chart the other day I found that suppernanny.com actually has quite a few great resources for us parents. My favorite being the reward … [Read more...]

Frugal Crafts – Guest Post from Primrose Schools


Creative Crafts To Keep Children Occupied Without Emptying Your Wallet By Dan Gilbert; Submitted on behalf of Primrose Schools; providing preschool students with a balanced learning curriculum helping them grow mentally, physically and socially. The boredom bug can strike at any time. Rainy days can create the cries of having nothing to do, as well as weather that is simply too cold or too hot to really enjoy. It’s important for parents to have something planned for those … [Read more...]

Big, Exciting News!


I'm ecstatic to finally announce we are expecting another little blessing :) A little back story... When I found out I was pregnant with Chloe I immediately got online to figure out her due date. I typed all of the information in and clicked submit...Her due date was Valentine's Day ♥ Once I went to the doctor they told me I was incorrect and that her due date was earlier that month. I was bummed because I really wanted her to be born on Valentine's Day. Long story short, I was … [Read more...]

What I don’t want … and what I’ve been up to


I never want this blog to become a forced, generic, only for profit, boring place. Which is why the past couple of weeks have been kind of quiet around here. I've been crazy busy working on design projects and didn't want to blog "just to blog". I realize I'll never be picked up by BlogHer, or any other advertising agency that requires you blog 3 or more times a week, and I'm alright with that. I'd rather take my time and not waste yours. Here are a few things I feel compelled to share with you … [Read more...]

That just happened…


Picture this. I'm sitting at my computer answering emails this morning and along comes a little gecko. He runs across my keyboard and up the wall, then back down the wall and towards me... My three year old and I jump up on top of the island in the kitchen screaming, then laughing hysterically as the little guy plops down behind my computer looking terrified. I'm pretty sure we scared him out of his little gecko mind. He then proceeded to hold my computer hostage for half an hour, we left the … [Read more...]

Homemade Tents


When me, my Brother and Sister were little we'd build tents in the living room all the time. We would use anything and everything we could to make our tent as big as possible. Inevitably someone would step on part of the sheet, a thumbtack would come loose, and our creation would come tumbling down. While shopping at Home Depot a while back I came across these spring clamps for a whopping 99 cents and bought 4 of 'em. My immediate thought was how awesome they'd be in keeping sheets … [Read more...]

Fishing for horses


How to catch a horse. Step 1. Grab your plastic rake. Step 2. Sit on your bed and let your rake hang over the edge. Step 3. Be very, very quiet... Step 4. Get down off of your bed and grab your plastic horse from the toy box. Step 5. Place your plastic horse on the rake. Step 6. Get back up on your bed and stretch the rake with horse over the edge of the bed. Step 7. Call your Mom to come see your "big 'ol fish horse!" Repeat with each and every toy from your … [Read more...]

Giveaway Time! Personalized Snuggle Spot from LaneyBug.net!


The MomAndWife Facebook page officially hit 1000 fans this weekend, so we're having a giveaway to celebrate! The prize is a custom made, personalized snuggle spot from my friend Amanda at LaneyBug Creations! What is a Snuggle Spot? Amanda Says: The Snuggle spot is a pillow that I invented when my daughter was 3 months old and wouldn’t sleep unless i was holding her. When a baby lays in the pillow their weight pulls the sides in just a little bit to make the baby feel like they are … [Read more...]