Pregnancy Makes You Crazy


Reading a friend’s pregnancy updates prompted me to search through my post drafts that I never published… I found this gem from April of this year and had to share From the moment you pee on the stick you start second guessing everything. Everything you eat, everything you drink, every place you go, the cars [ Read More ]

A Picture A Month Project


Our little Evie is officially 6 months old now, and I have somehow managed to keep up with taking monthly pictures of her cute little face. Each month I get a reminder on my phone to take a picture, sometimes it’s a week late, but I eventually remember to remember Here is what I have [ Read More ]

My favorite baby things


Since the arrival of our precious Evie I have found a few new favorite things I had to share with you all. ( click thumbnails to enlarge pictures ) iBaby Feed App This app may be solely responsible for my success in breastfeeding. I was overwhelmed with keeping track of how much Chloe ate when [ Read More ]

The Story of Evie


If I heard “walk that baby out” one more time I was going to lose it. I had tried everything, nothing worked. If it’s a form of natural labor induction, I tried it. Trust me. I walked for hours, hours. At 40 weeks I finally had to quit walking because it was causing me more [ Read More ]

DIY pretend library card


While sorting through tons of books in my daughter’s floor the other day I became frustrated. She has all of these really pretty books and they’re just being thrown in pile. Then, my Husband called and sensed I was stressed… Our Conversation Husband – “What’s your deal dude?” Me – “I’m just cleaning up Chloe’s [ Read More ]

5 weeks and counting


This pregnancy has flown by. We still lived in Hawaii when I found out I was pregnant. It seems like forever ago, but also like yesterday. I didn’t know that was possible We are down to only 5 weeks until my due date. A Birth Plan I’ve begun getting things ready for the big day, [ Read More ]

Busy is good, Busy is fun :)


Guess what? We have been busy around here, and I’m loving it. It’s as though I looked up at the calendar and realized I’ll have a baby in less than two months. Normally I would want things to slow down so we can soak it all in and enjoy life (all that good stuff), but [ Read More ]

What not to say to a pregnant woman…


We have all heard those stereotypical things people say to pregnant women. When pregnant with Chloe, I was fortunate to have avoided those type of comments. Lately it seems that’s all anyone can think to say to me. As of today, I am 29 weeks pregnant. Based on people’s reactions when I tell them how [ Read More ]

So, as it turns out…


I am not magical. I thought I could do everything and get it all done in a timely fashion, however, that is definitely not the case. Leading up to our move I had so many plans for our new home and business. As it turns out, pregnancy trumps all. Pregnancy combined with . . . [ Read More ]