Who I Am


I am a child of God. I love the Lord. Without Him I am nothing, and with Him I am everything. I am a lover. I love people. All people. Even if they don’t like me, I love them. I have awful sentence structure and grammar skills, but I can spell like it’s my job. [ Read More ]

My Love of Country Music – A Little Back Story


Growing up my siblings and I were obsessed with Garth Brooks. Heretofore referred to as “The Garth” because he is a separate entity all his own in our minds. I would sit for hours playing Garth tapes over and over again on my boom box. When I was in 3rd grade my Aunt Melinda (Ninna) [ Read More ]

My New Pretty Darn Cute Planner!


I’ve been MIA a lot lately because I’ve been hard at work on a project that I am very passionate about. Stationery. After years of buying planners that were cute but not suited for my lifestyle, I finally designed my own. It was way more fun than I ever thought You can check out the [ Read More ]

My Valentine’s Day Baby is Turning 5


Tomorrow my first baby girl turns 5. FIVE. I’m in disbelief. I remember when she was born so vividly. I blinked, and she was all of the sudden 1. We moved for the first time in her life, and she turned 2. We moved, again, and she turned 3! Daddy was able to come home [ Read More ]

One Little Word


Yesterday I posted that I would not be making a New Years Resolution, but rather have one large goal to work towards that will take care of the rest. While I am definitely sticking with that frame of mind, I also read a blog post from Becki at WhippyCake.com that inspired me to choose “one [ Read More ]

New Years Resolutions


I don’t do them. Too much pressure. I will say, however, that I want to strive each day to grow closer to God and let Him lead me down the path He has prepared for me. So anything and everything I can do to be more obedient is what I’m going to strive for. More [ Read More ]



This may be a long one, but stick with me if you…. are bored? Love pictures? Love me? Each year our order of events is as follows: Parent’s house, In-Law’s House, Gram & Grandpa’s, back to Parent’s House. Before we headed back home to my parents house, we went to see good ‘ol Santa I [ Read More ]

I Fell Off The Wagon


But I got back on! … This 24 day challenge stuff is not easy, but when you stick to it is so worth it. The other night I was making Chloe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and all of the sudden I had what can only be described as a twilight vampire like craving [ Read More ]

Thank You


As insecure as I am and as uneasy as I felt about posting that video blog, it turned out to be such a positive thing. I cannot thank you all enough for the incredibly sweet feedback. I highly recommend recording yourself talking, especially if it makes you cringe at the thought For full effect don’t [ Read More ]