My Valentine’s Day Baby is Turning 5


Tomorrow my first baby girl turns 5. FIVE. I'm in disbelief. I remember when she was born so vividly. I blinked, and she was all of the sudden 1. We moved for the first time in her life, and she turned 2. We moved, again, and she turned 3! Daddy was able to come home on leave from Iraq for her birthday party and you would've thought Santa himself had shown up :) We moved, yet again, and she turned 4. Here she is so distracted by the bounce houses in the backyard that … [Read more...]

One Little Word


Yesterday I posted that I would not be making a New Years Resolution, but rather have one large goal to work towards that will take care of the rest. While I am definitely sticking with that frame of mind, I also read a blog post from Becki at that inspired me to choose "one little word" to remember throughout the year. I encourage you all to read both Becki's and Ali Edward's blogs. Becki's in particular inspired me, because I feel exactly how she does about the world around us. … [Read more...]

New Years Resolutions


I don't do them. Too much pressure. I will say, however, that I want to strive each day to grow closer to God and let Him lead me down the path He has prepared for me. So anything and everything I can do to be more obedient is what I'm going to strive for. More quiet time, more time spent with my babies, more patience... all of those are definitely things on my mind each day, but I feel like by being more obedient to Him everything else will fall into place :) I hope everyone has a safe and … [Read more...]



This may be a long one, but stick with me if you.... are bored? Love pictures? Love me? Each year our order of events is as follows: Parent's house, In-Law's House, Gram & Grandpa's, back to Parent's House. Before we headed back home to my parents house, we went to see good 'ol Santa :) I made the girls take a picture in their Santa clothes before we left... Then we went to Bass Pro to see Santa, they had a pretty neat setup and Evie was so excited she fell asleep, I had to wake … [Read more...]

I Fell Off The Wagon


But I got back on! ... This 24 day challenge stuff is not easy, but when you stick to it is so worth it. The other night I was making Chloe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and all of the sudden I had what can only be described as a twilight vampire like craving for pb&j. I was ravenous. So, I took a few bites of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It did not taste nearly as good as I thought it would. Note to self: Peanut Butter & Jelly mixed with guilt and disappointment is a no go. Then … [Read more...]

Thank You


As insecure as I am and as uneasy as I felt about posting that video blog, it turned out to be such a positive thing. I cannot thank you all enough for the incredibly sweet feedback. I highly recommend recording yourself talking, especially if it makes you cringe at the thought ;) For full effect don't look in the mirror first, and definitely do not fix your crazy hair ;) I finally watched the video back and while I definitely picked at my numerous flaws (totally forgot about that cold sore scar … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Makes You Crazy


Reading a friend's pregnancy updates prompted me to search through my post drafts that I never published... I found this gem from April of this year and had to share :) From the moment you pee on the stick you start second guessing everything. Everything you eat, everything you drink, every place you go, the cars you drive. Is this safe? Is that too much? What can I take for this? Should I be running? and the list goes on. and on. and on. and on. Having been through this before had … [Read more...]

Facebook & Politics


This topic has long been an issue of frustration for many, so I would like to provide a little insight into my personal decision on whether or not to mix the two. On my business pages I prefer not to discuss my political preferences, because my focus there is to provide my customers with the best WordPress themes and business advice available. On my personal Facebook page, I love to talk politics. I realize my decision is actually the unpopular one, as most say to avoid Politics and Facebook … [Read more...]

A Picture A Month Project


Our little Evie is officially 6 months old now, and I have somehow managed to keep up with taking monthly pictures of her cute little face. Each month I get a reminder on my phone to take a picture, sometimes it's a week late, but I eventually remember to remember :) Here is what I have so far... Every month it never fails, we have a couple of visitors. The first is always Patton. The General loves a good photo opportunity and even more than that, loves to protect his … [Read more...]

My Day


Went to Apple store to exchange brand new Thunderbolt Display that stopped working. Apple store is 30 miles away. Drove around trying to find a parking spot close to the part of the mall where the Apple store is located. Found one. Waited. Lady stole it. Parked across the parking lot from desired spot. Lady who stole spot walks past me, all the while I'm putting my little one in the stroller, holding the large box and trying to explain to my 4 year old why there are "rude" people in … [Read more...]

Photo a Day July


Lots of my friends participate in these Photo a Day challenges each month, and this month I've decided to join in. Thanks to D'Anna :) Although, the first picture of the month is a "self portrait" and I'm thinking of taking a picture of an old picture since I'm not at my ideal post baby weight just yet... Kidding, I'll get over it. Follow along and join in on the fun! I'll post all of my photos at the end of the month in one big fat blog post, but until then they'll be on my instagram daily … [Read more...]

Adorable WordPress Theme Now Available

adorable (1)

As most of you know, when posts get to lagging on it's likely due to my schedule at Pretty Darn Cute Design. Over the past few months I have been working on a new premade theme and I am ecstatic to announce that it is now for sale in the fabulous StudioPress Community Marketplace! I'm currently using my new theme, Adorable, here on :) If you dig the look of this site, you can get a similar look by purchasing Adorable, here. The Adorable theme was designed … [Read more...]