Homespun Wrapping Paper


I had some extra fabric left over from lining my daughter's Dorothy basket this past Halloween, and I had some glittery green ribbon leftover from making dessert bar labels so I used 'em to wrap presents. (iPhone photo, not the best of clarity) I also used my handy dandy craft punch to make gift tags this year. See this post for more information about the amazing craft punch. I almost threw all of these things away a couple of weeks ago, but I'm glad I held onto them a little … [Read more...]

Pillow Pets

pillow pet flat

The only thing my 2 year old specifically asked Santa for this year (beyond "all da toys!") was a 'buzzy bee' pillow pet. I'd seen them at Target for $19.99 prior to her asking for one, but was at the mall when I saw a kiosk selling them. Only, at the mall they were $29.99. I kindly let the lady know they were selling the same things at Target for $10 cheaper. She looked a little frustrated and informed me that there is another company "pillow pets" and hers is called "my pillow pets". The as … [Read more...]

The Pioneer Woman on the Today Show & Cinnamon Rolls


One of my most favorite bloggers was on the Today show this morning making her signature cinnamon rolls. If you don't already know who The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond is you must check out her blog. Be prepared to sit and read a while :) She's just a regular (albeit, very talented) gal who started blogging a few years ago and now she has a cookbook, a novel, she's made multiple television appearances, and her book is being made into a movie that Reese Witherspoon is rumored to be headlining. … [Read more...]

Lancome 4 Piece Deluxe Sample Collection & Free Shipping

Picture 12

Click here … [Read more...]

Safety Tips from LifeLock


This is by no means a paid endorsement, I just happen to use and love LifeLock. I've always been wary about who has access to my information and now I don't worry about it because I know they're keeping an eye on that stuff for me. If something were to happen, Lifelock takes care of it immediately. Peace of mind is really nice nowadays! This would be a very useful, unique gift for someone this Christmas as well :) I received an email from them today with these helpful Holiday tips to keep … [Read more...]

$30 Coupon to Office Max

Picture 7

Use the following promo code to receive $30 off of your purchase of $100 or more at Office Max: WMC10NJ21BWMVT3XC Office Max has a little bit of everything so chances are this will come in handy this Christmas season! Click here to shop at … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas for him and her


James Avery Rustic Leather ID Bracelet I'm in love with everything Betsey Johnson, but especially her crazy collection of rings! Check 'em out! sidenote: Betsey was the stylist for sex and the city, you may recognize some of her items having been worn by SJP and the girls By doing a quick google shopping search for Betsey Johnson you'll find a ton of cute stuff! Not everything is featured on her website. Philosophy Lip Shine Vanilla Birthday Cake Alterna Volumizing Duo (my … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Garland & Wreath


My Mom made her own Christmas garland this year, and a similar wreath to accompany the garland on her mantle. I L-O-V-E it, she thinks it looks too "young" for her :) She had the same opinion about an expensive shower curtain she once purchased for her guest bathroom. Guess who ended up benefiting from that? Me :) The fact that she's not too crazy about her garland and wreath this year can only mean that my house will be looking quite festive next Christmas! Thanks in advance, Mom! All you need … [Read more...]

Canton Trade Days


First Monday in Canton is the world's largest flea market. If you live in Texas, especially North Texas, you've heard about or been to Canton at least once. Canton is a city of approximately 5000 people. One weekend every month the population grows to over 200,000 visitors. A lot of people make Canton trips their fun girls outing of the month, a tradition of sorts. I remember being ,oh, 7 months pregnant and navigating the crowded flea market all day long with "the aunts" :) There's lots of good … [Read more...]

Send a video message to our Troops

Picture 5

Click here to send a video message to our troops … [Read more...]

Behold the Amazing Power of the Craft Punch


This little thing can do so much, the possibilities are really endless. You can punch the shapes out of cute paper and use them for everything from scrapbooking to party decor and even as tags for Christmas gifts. Another way to use the craft punch is to cut the shape out of something like a paper lunch sack, then cover the hole with wax paper or celophane, and fill with colorful candy. You're only limited by your imagination with these bad boys. Craft punches are especially great for … [Read more...]



If you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, you should probably get on that real quick! I've already bought half of my Christmas from their amazing daily deals. They send out one email each morning with the daily deal from your area. Definitely check 'em out by clicking on the link below: My favorite Groupon purchase was a Facelogic microdermabrasion facial for $39, regular priced $128! Since Groupon has local daily deals, chances are those deals will be something you already use or want … [Read more...]