Never EVER Sign up with Gold’s Gym

3 months later I’m still trying to cancel my Gold’s Gym membership. I’ve been hung up on 3 times by their corporate office as soon as I get transferred to someone they “have to take another call in Spanish” and the line goes dead. The “proof” I provide them with for cancellation is never sufficient and the person I signed up with who said “you can cancel at any time for any reason” no longer works there. I think I’m more frustrated with myself for believing that. What a despicable business. I would complain to the BBB but guess what? They are not an accredited member. No way! Sarcasm.

Being Military we are in and out of town a lot and stay with family for a few months here and there when my Husband is on temporary duty. And we move every couple of years. I told the person this when we signed up and they assured me it was not going to be a problem, especially since I had this issue when I signed up with a Gold’s Gym back home (now closed) years ago. They were a franchise and I was told that is why I experienced the problems I did, because Gold’s Gym would never treat people that way. “Especially our Military families” he said. It is seriously disgusting that they use that as a ploy to get you to sign a super long contract that noone with 2 crazy children in their lap has time to read.

I put in my cancellation form and “proof” as they call it 3 months ago, I have the carbon copy of that form on my desk. They are still withdrawing fees twice a month including for my children, who I was supposed to be able to take off my account at any time for no additional fees.

Make no mistake, this “globo gym” doesn’t give a crap about your health They are a business, and an extremely poorly run one at that.

Noone has the “authority” to help me and corporate will not even answer their phone. So what do you do?

Stay as far away from Gold’s Gym as possible. What a nightmare.


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    stacey hansen says

    sorry that is happening to you. I would call your bank and tell them what is happening. they can stop the withdrawls from coming out of your bank account especially since you have proof of the cancellation. hope it all works out! THANK YOU for your husbands and family’s service for our country and me!

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        Kristin says

        Yes. They absolutely will send you to collections. It took me almost a year to cancel a membership after we pcs’d overseas! They finally settled with me after I told them they would not be stealing any more money from this military family. It is absolutely ridiculous. If you stop payment and cancel your card with your bank, next call your credit history companies (equifax & so on) and let them know that a dispute is ongoing with that gym so they can make notes to your file & not allow them to sully your credit. Sorry you are in this mess too.

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    Hi Lindsey,

    I’m so SORRY you are going through this. I just did a post on my blog about another company that treated me badly too…. This is a link to it:

    It makes me so MAD when places treat customers like this. I have had my shops for years now and I would never treat my customers badly. To me they are the ones that make my business keep going. And word of mouth is pretty much what has kept my business going, since I don’t really advertise much at all. They should realize that it will get around how they treat people and no one will go there. And honestly they should just feel bad for being like that….

    I’m so sorry again! I hope it get’s all fixed really soon!

    And like Stacey said – thank you so MUCH to you and your family for serving our country!!!!!

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    ally says

    You can do as Stacy said and talk to your bank. You can also get a new card. Even if a company is not accredited you can still file a complaint with the BBB. You can also let them know that you will contact your attorney general and they should stop withdraw pretty quickly. I had to deal with a company like that once and they basically bowed down to kiss me feel in apologies when I told them I was contacting my attorney generals office. Good luck!!

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      Thank you! I will definitely check into filing a complaint with the BBB, although from everything I’ve read online it would just be extremely redundant. If someone takes the time to google a BBB complaint, they’ll see the TONS of other bad reviews for Gold’s Gym online.

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