A Casual Valentine’s Day Look

When it comes to fashion I am most definitely the comfort over “couture” kind of gal. I believe in tshirts with costume jewlery, big hair and whatever purse I’m currently obsessed with. I would say I spend the majority of my time and effort on searching out the perfect bag. I’m a bag hoarder. Moving on…

There are several things I’ve been eyeballing online lately, and in store for that matter. Number one being this perfectly crafted handbag by none other than Kate Spade. Two of my favorite colors, together, and a bow? Stick a fork in me. Oh wait there’s more? My Nephew, and Godson’s, name is Beau. It’s meant to be.
2 Park Avenue Beau Bag


I *love* these little pink with gold heart earrings.
Kate Spade Earrings

This Shirt is adorable.

How cute are these jeans? And they are on clearance at the moment, bonus!

I recently purchased this perfume and love it.

Casual Valentine's Day Look
These are just a few very simple things that make me smile, and would work lovely together for Valentine’s Day.


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