Birthday Party Planning

It’s almost that time again! Chloe turns 6 this Valentine’s Day As usual, I have spent the past 10 months dreaming up big party plans only to get a month away and have too little time to bring those plans to fruition. So, I’m going the bounce house route…again Hey, it’s easy and the kids love it! Seeing as how I’m leaving the bulk of the party to Pump it Up, I spent quite a bit of time designing her invitations. I purchased the most precious little dress from my new favorite store, Twinkle and Whim to use for photos on the flip side of her invitations.


And here’s a sneak peek at the front side of the invites, the finished product is a gemoetric die cut card, printed on pearl stock with uv coating … I cannot wait to share these with you Oh stationery, so fun.


I can remember every single one of her birthdays like it was yesterday, click here and you can too


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    Cute! Are you not worried about rain. My daughter’s birthday is March 1, but I never plan an outdoor party because I’m always afraid it’s going to storm that day. It was raining when I gave birth!

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      Thank you! We did her bounce house party outside one year, and it rained like crazy every day leading up to her party, but the day of her party it did not. This year we are having it at the bounce house

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