The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

Being a Mom is the coolest thing on the planet. Chloe recently lost her first tooth so I scoured the internet for fun little ideas to make the Tooth Fairy’s first visit magical. Chloe loves glitter and pink and had a few pre-conceived notions about little miss fairy. One being that she is so very fancy, and the other being that she loves glitter.

I asked for ideas on instagram and someone suggested a tooth fairy door. I had never heard of such a thing! What an awesome idea! It’s just a dollhouse door that you can purchase already put together at a craft store, I went to Hobby Lobby. You paint it, glue on a door knob and knocker and you’re good to go. I will say that I spent $26 on the supplied at Hobby Lobby and you can purchase a premade (super chic) tooth fairy door on Etsy. Here is one I just love. We glued it to the wall with extra strength glue dots while Chloe was sleeping Another fun idea is to decorate the door for various seasons

unnamed (2)

The other idea that I had seen around Pinterest was to hairspray your money and sprinkle with glitter. Those two little ideas combined made for one magical morning Because her tooth was so wiggly and came out so quickly we didn’t have time to order a tooth pillow before her first visit, but one is on it’s way! Etsy is amazing. Here is the pillow Chloe picked out, and I love


When I went to write a little note I googled to see what others had written and found this nifty site where you can download letters for the first, last and regular fairy visits. I downloaded the first visit, copied the text to photoshop, added in a few things, mentioned the door, spent a couple of hours deciding what font the Tooth Fairy uses (had to be fancy, but easily read by a 5 year old..) haha, and then added a glittery pattern to Chloe’s name and The Tooth Fairy’s signature. Naturally. The Tooth Fairy sprinkled a trail of glitter from Chloe’s pillow to her little door, and on the door as well. Can I please be a kid again? Chloe has another tooth, the one right next to the one she lost, that is wiggling around and will likely fall out in the next day or so. Our house is sure to be covered in a little more glitter than usual


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    Jenny Franklin says

    Love the ideas. With my daughter I went with the traditional idea. Not magical at all. I’ll have to adapt some of these tactics as my kids begin to loose more teeth. Who says, the tooth fairy never adapts their tactics. Maybe I’ll even incorporate some blue feathers. Take a page out of the Rise of the Guardians. They portrayed an epic tooth fairy.

  2. 3

    Corrine says

    These ideas are so cute!! My 4 year old daughter just came up with her very first loose tooth and found this while browsing Pinterest for ideas!! Thanks so much!!

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