The Best Photo Apps for Framing Your Instagram

So, you’re on Instagram scrolling through your feed and someone has this fun little framed picture with a caption. You think, “How the heck did they do that?” Well, if you are me than you think that. If you’re not me, thank your lucky stars.. I’m kind of crazy Anyway, here are my top three favorite framing apps I’ve discovered that make Instagram and the Photo A Day Challenge that much more fun.

Bubble Frame

Cute, cute frames. Very trendy.


Frame, collage, and add text. Use this one the most.

CupTakes Frames

The cutest backgrounds I’ve seen. I would expect nothing less from Lauren, she is also an amazing graphic designer

I feel like people keep these things a secret for some reason, what’s up with that? I’m sharing ’em What are your favorites?


  1. 1

    Melody Ochoa says

    Stumbled upon your website through Pinterest!! Your site is wonderful!! Thanks for such great info!!

  2. 7


    Frametastic, Labelbox and Phonto are some fun ones that I’ve been playing with. I installed BubbleFrame recently, but i can’t figure out how to add fonts to it. Any suggestions?

  3. 13


    Thank you for sharing Lindsey!!! My daughter and I were just trying to figure out the cute pics with the caption and she found overgram for me and I love it! I am going to check out your suggestions because I covet all the cute pics with the great text. Love great design, which is why I use your child theme.


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