Photo a Day July

Lots of my friends participate in these Photo a Day challenges each month, and this month I’ve decided to join in. Thanks to D’Anna Although, the first picture of the month is a “self portrait” and I’m thinking of taking a picture of an old picture since I’m not at my ideal post baby weight just yet… Kidding, I’ll get over it. Follow along and join in on the fun! I’ll post all of my photos at the end of the month in one big fat blog post, but until then they’ll be on my instagram daily (follow me on there @lindseyriel). Add links to your instagram accounts and blogs in the comments section below. Did you know you can now log into instagram,, without the app? Awesome! Come on, this will be fun!


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    This is sweet! I love it:) I’ve been hearing all the talk of instagram and been seeing it in a lot on my favorite websites! Have been thinking about downloading it too and even more now that I see this post:) I may join in the “Photo a Day”:) Will post my instagram account here when I get it.

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      LoL Thanks D’Anna! I hate taking pictures of myself, so “self portrait” was pretty awkward for me, but the rest have been a lot of fun


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