My favorite baby things

Since the arrival of our precious Evie I have found a few new favorite things I had to share with you all.

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iBaby Feed App

This app may be solely responsible for my success in breastfeeding. I was overwhelmed with keeping track of how much Chloe ate when she was a baby, how often and so on. That led to lots of stress and my eventual ceasing breastfeeding. Well, that and a mean case of mastitis. The day I came home from the hospital with Evie my Husband could tell I was feeling a bit tense and stressed with breastfeeding again so he did a quick search and found this fabulous app that times, logs and reminds. I highly, highly recommend it to anyone in need of such a service.

L’Occitane Hand Cream

This stuff has been in every beauty magazine since the dawn of creation, however, I only recently decided to pick up a tube and see what all the fuss was about. It was sitting next to the cash register on my last visit to the MAC counter at Nordstrom and I had a gift card so I bought it. It’s basically sat in a drawer until this past week. I’ve been washing my hands so much with a newborn around that they look about 100 years old and are dry and cracking. I now put this stuff on a few times a day and my hands feel amazeballs. I just hate to use too much since it’s on the expensive side.

Baby Oil Gel

On the same subject I have found that baby oil gel works wonders for dry skin as well. I posted about it on the MomAndWife facebook page several weeks ago and have been using it religiously since. Dried cuticules? Massage a little oil gel onto your fingers and toes. I use it daily and still have over half a bottle left, bonus! I would buy another bottle of this before I spent the $$ on another tube of the expensive stuff

Snuggle Spot

This little things is as useful as it is adorable. I ordered it from my friend Amanda, LaneyBug Creations. I fell in love with this Heather Bailey fabric, ordered it and Amanda worked her magic. A while back we had a giveaway here on for one. They snuggle the baby so as to imitate the feeling of being held. Also, they’re really cute! Did I mention that?


I realize the Boppy is nothing new, and definitely no secret, but I just love this thing. My Sister loaned me her “Brest Friend” to see if I liked it, and while it definitely works fine I still prefer my Boppy. I actually have this very same Cupcake cover on mine. I think it’s the thickness of the pillow that really makes it more functional than wrapping yourself up in the Brest Friend. I’ve found it easier when your baby is hungry to throw this thing around than it is to snap the clasp of the Brest Friend and adjust it so the baby is comfortable etc. I like simple.

Moby Wrap

I definitely wasn’t sure about this thing. It just looked like a large piece of confusing fabric at first. After watching the video tutorials online I’m convinced it’s sent from above Seriously, it’s comfortable, secure and so easy to use once you watch the instructional video. Baby is happy, Mama is happy!


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    Jennifer says

    I just checked out Laneybug Creations! How cute is that stuff?! Now, if only I had a girl. . . :o)

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    Not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but so glad I did. Can’t wait to catch up. I love lists like these. It’s fun to see what everyone loves, because all of these lists are somewhat similar and somewhat different! I actually did one of my own a few months after our daughter was born. Now she’s 9 months old and I should probably do another one so that I’ll remember all of the things we love NOW for our next child… whenever that may be! Feel free to check it out.

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      I’m so glad you did too! I love your blog I especially loved your comment about nighties with buttons lol Not so easy to snap all of those bad boys every time you change a diaper, especially at night in the dark too funny!

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