Today is my due date & Wedding Anniversary

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been given three due dates this pregnancy. Today is my original due date and my 7th Wedding Anniversary ♥ I’ve also developed a mean case of carpal tunnel, another lovely side effect of pregnancy I had no idea was possible lol. Truly, I feel blessed to have a healthy baby who’s taking her time to come out because she is just that comfortable. Even if I am measuring 44 weeks pregnant I know she will come when she is good and ready and not a minute sooner. She is my daughter, after all, and I’ve been known to take my time getting places.


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    happy anniversary and due date! you look wonderful! I had a mean case of carpal tunnel towards the end of my pregnancy. just one of the (many) joys of being pregnant Mine cleared out a day or two after I gave birth. Hang in there!

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    Becky says

    Seriously….you are beautiful, and that is the most perfect baby bump ever! Happy Anniversary and Happy Due Date!

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    Happy Anniversary! You have a much calmer outlook then I did when I was pregnant with my daughter — she was 9 days late and I honestly remember BEGGING her to hurry up and get out! LOL I had carpal tunnel with my son, and it cleared up shortly after I had him. Hopefully you don’t have to wait much longer to meet her

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    Wow…almost there. I had that yucky wrist and hand pain, too. Definitely the most surprising symptom for me, but it does go away. Hang in there!

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    You can do it! All my kids were late. This is the fun part of the pregancy where you get to demand foot massages… and while he’s at it have him hit a few reflexology labor triggors

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    I think I remember reading this when you were waiting on your baby girl. I am so glad to know that I’m not the only one who has been at this point where, despite being excited, you are miserable and sore and ready to be done.

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      Oh goodness I wrote several posts just raging about how miserable I was , then deleted them because I was typing like a lunatic hahaha! I should look in my drafts to see if any are still there…

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