Pregnancy Cravings

I am either 37 or 36 weeks pregnant. I’m not 100% sure anymore as I’ve been given 3 different due dates now. Sense my frustration? I want this baby to stay in there as long as possible so she can grow and get healthy, however, a recent sonogram has her at 7.1 pounds so the growing part can chill until she gets here The way I’ve been eating I can’t say I’m surprised…

My Recent Pregnancy Cravings

Notice a trend? Carbs, sugar, carbs, sugar, carbs … I’ve managed to mix in some healthy snacks and meals along the way, but it’s a constant battle. Not only do I crave these things, when I eat anything else I get nauseous. No worries, I do not have gestational diabetes.. Trust me. I’ve had to take that darn test 3 times this pregnancy. Two 1 hour tests and one 3 hour test. Yuck.

All of this to tell you I will most definitely have an influx of dieting and exercise posts coming in the next few months as I attempt to lose the baby weight prior to my little brother’s wedding in June. Oh and my ten year High School reunion is later this year as well. Nice. Great timing.

I’m a lucky girl, however, because it just so happens that my brother-in-law is a strength and conditioning coach who helped my sister drop 70 pounds after she had their son. Here’s his bio:

Red is a former college athlete, has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Black Hills State University and a Master’s from TCU. He worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Black Hills State University, Michigan State University, University of Wyoming and most recently at TCU. His certifications include CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), USAW Sports Performance Coach (United States Weight Lifting Association) and SCCC (strength and conditioning coach certified). He is also certified in First Aid and CPR. Those of you who are allergic to sweat…have no fear.

Here’s a link to his business facebook page for those of you interested in training and dieting tips:

And here is Mr. Hungry all sparkly because I just think he’s so darn cute, even if he is an evil little goober.


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    Nickole says

    I hear ya. Great post. I am 22 weeks and have cravings too. I am trying to eat healthy, but also get nauseous a lot. Not like weeks 6-14, thank goodness. But, yep, I crave the bad stuff. Chipotle and milky way bars!!! Ugh

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      I see cravings as the baby’s way of saying “live a little Mom, I’ll be here before you know it and you’ll be all concerned about losing weight. Enjoy it while you can” so, I indulge LoL Hang in there girl!

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      Lindsey, it has always concerned me as well. It took this baby to whip me into shape and start drinking the good stuff I just feel bad it happened after Dublin Dr. Pepper got the boot.


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