February Birchbox

I apologize for the delay, it’s been one crazy month! Crazy, busy, fun So what was in this month’s fab Birchbox?!

The Details:

My absolute favorite thing this month was the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. I used it every day, the small sample lasted a month, and there was a very noticeable difference in my skin tone. Pregnancy always does a number on my skin, and this was an amazing help. I plan on purchasing the full size and using it religiously.

The Shu Uemura Essence was pretty sweet as well. It’s a silkening oil for your hair, and works like magic.

I can’t believe I’m actually able to say this, but, I didn’t have a chance to try out the Juice Beauty blemish clearing serum. I don’t know if it was the Kiehl’s or what? I did not have one pimple this month. Hallelujah. I also have not tried the Supersmile powdered mouth rinse, but it sounds super handy!

Ok, now for the one product I did not like. Eek. I hate even posting this, but I cannot tell a lie. I did not like Eye Rock at all. I really, really wanted to! You are supposed to apply these premade eyeliner strips to your eyelids prior to applying any makeup, moisturizer … anything. So I tried it on a day I had some time and wouldn’t be going anywhere important. Once I finally got the strip cut to fit my eye, it no longer “stuck” because I had to manhandle it so much. Even if it had stuck, the black didn’t seem to be a true black. I wanted to go over it with my Mac fluidline. Alas I gave up and whipped out my fluidline and brush, and had my eyeliner applied in 30 seconds. After spending 20 minutes trying to get the Eye Rock to stick and/or look presentable. Don’t hate me Birchbox and Eye Rock people!


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    Chrystine Wilder says

    My Birch Box was almost ENTIRELY different from yours! The only item that was the same was the Kiehls and I too loved it! My other items were: BLK perfume (which I haven;t tried yet since I almost never wear fragrances), a Cayenne Pepper Chocolate sample (which scares me and it still sitting on my kitchen counter), WEI foaming face wash (which I like a lot) and a Tinted Moisturizer (forgot the brand- too glittery for my taste, but it was close enough to my complexion that I was able to legitimately give it a shot). And I am super jealous that you had clear skin for a whole month- I haven’t gone a month without SOMETHING since I was 11!

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      I heard they do them based on your profile, however, I didn’t know it was that different. Cool! Are you using your Clarisonic? That thing is magic too Your birchbox sounds super fun! LoL at the chocolate on your counter!

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