DIY pretend library card

While sorting through tons of books in my daughter’s floor the other day I became frustrated. She has all of these really pretty books and they’re just being thrown in pile. Then, my Husband called and sensed I was stressed…

Our Conversation

Husband – “What’s your deal dude?”
Me – “I’m just cleaning up Chloe’s book pile..again.”
Husband – “Oh. Why don’t you make her a pretend library card and have her check a couple out at a time, then put them back before she can get more. You know, make it fun for her.”
Me – “That’s actually a brilliant idea. I hate you.”
Husband – “Cool, see you in a little bit! Love You!”
Me – “K love you too bye!”

Effortless for him to find a solution, and a creative one at that. Men. For those of you who did not see the picture I posted on facebook the other day..

There was a similar pile of just books nearby. So, this morning I created her a pretend library card..

Given my love for office supplies, I of course had laminating sheets on hand to help with durability. This makes it official..

When she checks out a book at “the library” she brings them to my desk and I have to “scan” the books with her toy cash register..

Which, I’m totally okay with considering my Sister and I both share an obsession with beepy noises and cash registers. To this day my 30 year old sister will still see an unattended cash register and punch a few buttons then run off. I really love throwing her under the bus here lately, sorry Tootie!

So far, Chloe is loving it. She’s gone through about 10 books in the past hour just so she can check them out. Win, win! She’s tried to persuade me, the librarian, to give her more than 2 books but I’m not caving. We are also now checking out toys, yay! I may have to create a faux American Express if she keeps this up


  1. 4

    Danielle K. says

    Adorable idea!! My daughter is too young for this now at 18 months, but if her current habit of throwing her books ALL over the place continues, we will definitely need to do this in the future!

  2. 5

    Lindsey says

    Very cute idea, you crack me up with your Facebook stories I look
    Forward to reading what you got going on..too cute!

  3. 9

    Rebecca says

    Love this idea! WIth two book loving kids making a mess in my house as we speak, this is going to be my project for tomorrow. I love the look of Chloe’s card. What font did you use for “home office library card”?

  4. 10


    OMGness I am so staling this idea for my 6 year olds room! She too has WAY to many books that are often left lying all over her floor after she pretend to be the teacher to her Barbies. Thank you for such a fantastic idea!

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