5 weeks and counting

This pregnancy has flown by. We still lived in Hawaii when I found out I was pregnant. It seems like forever ago, but also like yesterday. I didn’t know that was possible We are down to only 5 weeks until my due date.

A Birth Plan

I’ve begun getting things ready for the big day, for instance, a birth plan. I did not have one of these with Chloe, and never really understood why I might need one until after the fact. There are several things about the labor and delivery process I wish I would have researched a bit more. The Hospital was great, I just did not understand what or why I should choose this or that. For instance, whatever drug they gave me through my iv that made me fall asleep and feel loopy when Chloe was born. Definitely do not want that stuff again. This time I’m armed with the knowledge of experience and a handy little form from Baby Center It’s just a basic little birth plan that allows you to think about different scenarios and options. I also wrote in a few of my own preferences that were not already on the form.

The importance of a hospital bag

When I “went into labor” with Chloe it was completely unexpected and I had nothing with me at the time. To save you the details, my water was accidentally broken by my doctor, and I was sent from my regular checkup over to labor and delivery and stuck in a bed with pitocin for about 12 hours before miss Chloe made her arrival. I did not have my “hospital bag” packed and ready either, so I was left to wearing hospital clothes and such for the duration of my stay. This time, I’m packing that bad boy now. I’ve prepared a list of everything I want with me just in case I need to send Husband home to grab it for me. You can’t put everything in there, or you’ll drive yourself crazy up until “time” going back and forth each day to get your makeup, hairdryer etc. I am, however, going to purchase the travel size of everything I use on a daily basis to have ready in my bag. My strategy in assembling the hospital bag was this.. I mentally went through my day and made a list of everything I use every day. Then I thought about the little conveniences that help me to relax and what’s important as far as comfort goes. Squishy pillow, check! Really the most important thing for me to remember is my camera. I do not want only iPhone memories of our sweet baby girl’s birth. Here are a couple of my favorite Etsy finds for “the bag”…

Maternity/Hospital Gown from ModMum

Sweet Cupcake Beanie from Britt6934

I’m having so much fun on Etsy searching for just the right things for our precious baby girl and her super excited big sister to wear home from the hospital… to be continued


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      Ahh Amanda I keep forgetting to order it, and I really want to order some Heather Bailey fabric for it too! What’s your turnaround time right now?

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    I love everything about this post. It takes me back Remember a little notebook or journal to write down her birth story! Also, send someone out to get that days newspaper. I have each one wrapped up from the days of my kids births. Looking forward to hearing about your wonderful new little one very soon!

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    I can’t wait to be there to see sweet Evie Alaine take her first breath. It makes me cry thinking about it. You are going to be the hottest chick in the hospital. My only advice would be to save that adorable gown for recovery; Birth can get…messy. And she NEEDS a snuggle spot dude, saved my hide with John Blue.

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