Supernanny Reward Charts

Oh the threes. I had always heard the twos were terrible, but man the threes.. The twos were a breeze and I was convinced I’d sailed through the supposed hard times without a hitch. I still think my little one is an angel muffin who can do no wrong, however, It’s my job as her Mom to teach her socially acceptable behavior While googling in search of a reward chart the other day I found that actually has quite a few great resources for us parents. My favorite being the reward charts. They have them for all ages, and they’re free.

You download, print and cut it out. Then you move the little pirate (or whichever character from the chart you choose) from 1-10 to reward your little sweetie pie. There are a few different options for the 3-5 year old age group:

We’ve been using this for a week now and it’s been so much fun to see Chloe get involved in moving her pirate and getting excited about cleaning her playroom Hallelujah! I thought the day would never come lol. Check these out and all of the other free resources available at


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    Lindsey-face! I love this! I actually made a reward chart for Wyatt a few months ago. The reward system REALLY works for him. I raided the dollar aisle at Target. When Wyatt reaches his weekly goal, he gets a surprise from the dollar store bag!

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    I love supernanny. my lil sister is a childcare worker and I get great tips from her for my future babies.

    I heard Jo Frost aka supernanny was coming to Sydney for a live show so I booked tickets to go see her. so excited!

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    I love this idea. My son was so laid back and calm that I never thought to use one. My daughter has been the complete opposite and to have something that will reward her and encourage good behavior is a great thing. Thanks for the links!

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