Big, Exciting News!

I’m ecstatic to finally announce we are expecting another little blessing

A little back story… When I found out I was pregnant with Chloe I immediately got online to figure out her due date. I typed all of the information in and clicked submit…Her due date was Valentine’s Day ♥ Once I went to the doctor they told me I was incorrect and that her due date was earlier that month. I was bummed because I really wanted her to be born on Valentine’s Day. Long story short, I was having an induction procedure done because I was late and the doctor accidentally broke my water. Chloe was in fact born on Valentine’s Day after all This time I calculated the due date and our newest addition is set to be born on our 7th wedding anniversary in early April. The doctor’s have yet again changed my due date by a few days, which just furthered my belief that this baby will in fact be born on our anniversary. When in doubt, consult Google


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    Kimberly says

    Yay! Congratulations to you and your family. (i love this font btw) Praying for a happy healthy wonderful pregnancy.

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