What I don’t want … and what I’ve been up to

I never want this blog to become a forced, generic, only for profit, boring place. Which is why the past couple of weeks have been kind of quiet around here. I’ve been crazy busy working on design projects and didn’t want to blog “just to blog”. I realize I’ll never be picked up by BlogHer, or any other advertising agency that requires you blog 3 or more times a week, and I’m alright with that. I’d rather take my time and not waste yours. Here are a few things I feel compelled to share with you

  • I finally tried the Spaghetti A La Philly recipe on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese box last night, amazing! I substituted Italian Sausage for the ground beef and added a little more cream cheese than recommended…hehehe! Really you must try this recipe.
  • I bought a new planner from a semi well known website and while it’s super cute, there are so many things I want to change about it. Maybe I’ll get into the planner making business in the future? The design process would be a blast, that’s for sure
  • I purchased the domain PrettyDarnCute.com and moved my design studio from PrettyDarnCuteDesign.com over to the new “premium” domain. I’m so excited about the future of my little business and am having a ball “working” over there. My very first pre-made wordpress theme will be released this week and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
  • I let my 3 year old play with my prized Mr. Sketch Markers…Maybe I shouldn’t have?
  • I watched The Pioneer Woman’s new food network show this past Saturday and just loved every minute of it. I love that we all (her readers) feel personally and emotionally invested in her life. She is such a great writer it’s as though we’ve known her for years, and we’re the only people who know her, even though she has millions of followers. I predict her success only continues to flourish.
  • One of my all-time favorite quotes is “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt. It rings true every single day, especially when I see people trying to bring others down. I’ll never understand mean spirited people.
  • There are way more good people in this world than bad. Sorry bad people, you lose!
  • I love election season. I go 100% nerd and study every single candidates background. It’s a blast for me. I love knowing I did my research and being able to vote for the candidate I truly believe in. It’s a privilege I feel too many take for granted.
  • I struggle each day with what the appropriate amount of television is for a three year old. I go through no t.v. phases only to realize she’s learned so much from VeggieTales and other educational shows. Maybe I should take my own advice..
  • I added a shop to my new website and created a chic little meal planner and grocery list. Fun stuff!
  • My Husband bought silly string the other day for absolutely no reason other than he thought we should have a silly string fight. Good Times I highly recommend it!
  • This blog has allowed me to meet some pretty fantastic fellow bloggers and incredibly kind people. For that I am immensely grateful! Some of the emails I get make me want to happy cry You guys are the best!
  • That is all for now.


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    I get pretty into election season as well. I feel like it’s our responsibility to know who we are voting for and what they stand for. I totally missed the Pioneer Woman’s show this weekend, but have it set to record on my DVR the next go around. Love her blog…even though I always walk away feeling about 5 pounds heavier from all of the fabulous food she continues to share. Hope you guys have a great week!

  2. 3

    Lisa says

    I like your blog just as it is! I always feel like it’s just an everyday conversation with good stories and ideas. I really like the shot of the military boot and the silly string

  3. 5

    Chrystine says

    Design a planner! Design a planner! That would be phenomenal! I buy probably 2 each year because they aren’t working for me and they are supposed to last me 18 months!

  4. 9


    I don’t get into the election season. They are all crooks and liars!
    I just got through writing on my blog the other day how new bloggers (I know you’re not) feel pressured to monetize their blog, and people emphasize too much on how many followers they have. It’s nice to have followers and meet new people, but too many put their main focus on that. I just want to have a fun time blogging. I started as an outlet, not to add more stress

    P.S. Would love if you designed a planner, lol.

  5. 11


    PLEASE design a planner!! I will keep you in business!! I am so OCD ab my planner! And I adore your blog!
    Random Side Note: my bedding is on your sidebar advertisement! what what!

  6. 14



    I am so sitting on pins & needles waiting for your WordPress theme!!! You are extremely talented at what you do!! I’ve been trying to send as many people your way as possible & will continue to do so (not bcuz I know you, cuz I don’t know you, but bcuz I think you’re fantastic from your posts & have a great eye for feminine styled sites ♥)..
    P.S. What’s the font I’m typing in on this comment…. I love it!!!

  7. 15


    Re. Pioneer Woman: “…it’s as though we’ve known her for years, and we’re the only people who know her, even though she has millions of followers.” I totally agree! I special-ordered her cookbook and thought, “Wow, she’s getting SO big! I’m so glad I ‘helped’ in her success by buying this!” LOL. Little did I know almost EVERYONE knows who she is. Sadly, we now have Netflix and I miss the Food Network most. I was kind of an addict…but not the kind that needed to be cured!

  8. 16


    I love your blog because I always think, “me too!” I love election season and Pioneer Woman, debate with myself over TV time for my boys, think you *should* go into the planner business (and boy do I love my planner… wonder if it’s the same one you bought), and think I’ll try the spaghetti.

    Happy blogging!

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