Tip Top Cafe

I’m currently 35,000 feet up in the air, but couldn’t wait until we get home to share our trip with you all. My Husband recently returned home from a 12 month deployment, so we flew home to Texas to spend 2 weeks with our families. During this trip, we took a mini trip down to San Antonio where we fought the 105° temperature to check in on ‘Shamu and them’ at Sea World. Prior to our journey home we’d watched an episode of “Diners Drive-Ins & Dives” with Guy Fieri on the Food Network where they featured this cafe in San Antonio and we had to check it out.

Tip Top Cafe is located near downtown San Antonio and is one of those places where you feel like you’re in your Grandmother’s house. Everything was so cozy and comfortably vintage.

Upon arriving at the cafe we had to wait for a parking spot for a couple of minutes, after all it was lunch time and this place is famous. There was a line out front and a sign that said they don’t offer a wait list and that patrons will be served on a first come first serve basis. We prepared ourselves to wait a while since there was already a decent line…

Much to our surprise we were at the front of the line and greeted by a very sweet older gentlemen within 5 minutes. Sweet! I realize I just used the word sweet twice in two consecutive sentences, however, there really is no other word that does the greeter, or my excitement to learn we would be eating sooner rather than later, justice.

When you walk into the cafe there are a couple of pictures of Guy Fieri, but everything else looks like it probably did back when they opened. I especially loved the picture of SSG DeWese, how neat

Once we were seated I promptly declared I’d like the chicken fried steak, an order of onion rings and cheesecake! To which our waiter replied, “I’m just here to get your drink order…” Hey, I was excited, and hungry

The food was delicious! I had the aforementioned massive meal. My Husband had a cheeseburger (they grind their own beef on site, cool!) and our little one had a grilled pimiento cheese sandwich (genius!). I only took pictures of the onion rings, however, because this was a pretty small place and everyone was starting to look at me funny for photographing everything

Super nice people, super yummy food, super fun trip


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    Lori Fitch says

    Family lives in Houston. Our kids have never been there. Sounds like this would be such fun! Thanks for posting this!

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