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We’ve been nominated for the Best All Around Mom Blog on by Adriana from SugarSweet Dreams Cake Company Thank you, Adriana! If you have a second please hop on over to and vote for Just click here or on the badge below, thank you so much!


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    I registered for the site just so I can vote for you but it keeps saying there’s an error and to try again later. I’ll keep trying! sucks if people are actually having problems voting because of issues their site is having.

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    Lindsey—I voted!! I’ve been on your blog for over an hour now. Inspired…truly inspired. Especially loved your piece on working from home. I was a pediatric GI nurse until Jackson came in February. Now I’m focusing on Sweet Deals and my photography biz. I am definitely taking your advice on making a schedule to follow each day. This will help my time seen more intentional rather than all over the place like its been lately!! God bless! Oh and P.S–your printables ROCK!

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