Fun with instagram

Instagram is an iPhone app that allows you to add fun filters and effects to photos you take with your phone. I, personally, have a blast with it We live halfway around the world from our family and this has proven to be a fun way to share our daily adventures without having to carry around my “big girl” camera. Here are some of my favorites I’ve taken and played with, everything except the text on the photo was done in seconds with instagram

You get the point

Do you use instagram already? If not, you definitely need to give it a try Just search “instagram” in the app store on your iPhone.


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    I am so with you! I love love love instagram! since you also mentioned that you live far from family have you seen the postgram app?? I think it’s meant to sent instagrams, but you can use any picture. Anyway, it’s sends a real postcard of your instagram to people. I ordered one for my husband and it’s cool! Anyway, not actually trying to sell ya on it, but I just found it and am liking mailing postcards! I love the sunset picture!

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