I’m a control freak

There I said it. I haven’t always been a control freak, and to be honest I’m not really sure when it happened. I assume it has something to do with the Military being in control of the major parts of our lives and me drastically compensating for that by micro-managing every aspect I’m able to. Whatever the reason, it’s silly

If I would just stand back and look at the big picture I’d remember that God is in control of everything. Why is it that we struggle so much with relinquishing control? It’d be so much easier to just relax, make good decisions, be a responsible adult and enjoy the ride.

There was a beautiful thunderstorm this afternoon and after it cleared my little one snuck outside and ran straight for the mud. My usual reaction to this would involve hosing her off, clothes in the sink, and bath water being run within 5 minutes. I’m a control freak AND a neat freak. Basically, I’m just a freak. But today Chloe reminded me how fun it can be to just let go and have fun.

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my brother, sister and I going on “mud walks” after it rained. We’d be covered head to toe by the time Mom yelled for us to come in, and she’d just laugh and throw us in the tub. Sometimes it takes a 3 year old playing in the mud to help you remember what’s actually important in life…and where you put that mini manicure kit that’d be perfect for getting the mud out from underneath her tiny toenails…

I just want to make God smile, He certainly gives me a million reasons to every day


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    Thanks for sharing Lindsey. I’m the same when it comes to being a neat freak and micro-controlling. God is still healing me from this “freaky” behaviour however it’s great to be reminded that He is in control and who can do a better job than God?

    have a wonderful day.

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    Its a reminder I need from time to time. God is in control and He surely does not need us to worry over small things. I need to have this printed on a tee! lol

    Great post, and I am also a major clean freak, I can’t stand mess or filth! lol

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    Great post & pictures. I am also a military spouse and over seas so there is not much I get to control either. I tend to over protect the boys and do things the way I want them to be as a result. I am slowly trying to just let go and go with the flow but it is a constant challenge.

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