DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

While planning for my little ones tea party this past week my Mom asked me to pick up some tissue paper for her to “just throw a few little flowers together for decoration.” As usual she created some beautiful, crafty decorations that I had never even heard of. Did you know you could make 4ft. flowers out of tissue paper, a dowel rod and some floral tape? She’s always been super crafty and never ceases to amaze me Remember crazy sock day Mom? I’ll have to find a picture of that one for y’all to see.

You start with whatever color tissue paper you want to use, or you can layer them.

Next tie a trash bag tie, or some thread around the center of the flower to cinch the paper together and start pulling your sides up, fluffing them as you go.

I failed to get many pictures of the making of these due to my running around like a crazy person trying to organize my thoughts and get things ready for the party. My whole belief system in lists went out the window this past weekend, along with my mind, as I made too many lists to keep up. I ended up spending more time compiling the lists than It would’ve taken me to do each individual task right when I thought of it

Back to the flowers… You’ll then take whatever height dowel rod you choose and wrap it in floral tape, use a trash bag tie or some thread to tie into the back of the flower around the original tie. You could of course add some leaves to the dowel rod if you like but we chose (due to time constraints) to leave them simple this go round Here is the finished product…

If your sides start to pull away from one another, just tape them on the backside and you’re golden. I found this bright colored tissue paper at Hobby Lobby. Me at Hobby Lobby? Shocking, I know. I believe Target has great colors as well. These were fun to place randomly around the house and in the flower pot out front by the door.

I found a tutorial that has the step by step process well documented if you’d like more thorough instruction: click here

There you have it, easy peasey tissue paper flowers, Happy Monday! Oh & I should have the free printables from Chloe’s party up sometime this week


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    Danielle Chrans says

    These are so adorable. Would planning my daughters birthday 6 months in advance be too soon? I’d love a good excuse to try these!


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