Well, hail.

I was born and raised in Texas with a short stint in St. Louis as a child. I had no idea the weather here was somewhat unique until I married my Husband and the Military started moving us around. Perhaps the thing I miss the most about home, beyond family and friends, is a good thunderstorm. This was the smallest of the hail storms we received last week, but the only one during the day I could capture. After the bout of tornado scares we had this week, the weather has been gorgeous. Texas, if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes… That said, I can’t not share this video I took of a typical hail storm here in North Texas last week…

I prepared this post last week before the storms took a turn for the worse and devastated the south. My prayers are with all effected. The recent tornadoes are horrifying and I can’t imagine having been witness to them.


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    All of my family is in North and East Texas…so happy and thankful that the tornadoes skipped over that part of our great state! Ironically, we are praying for some rain here in South Texas…we are in a terrible drought down this way. I , too, didn’t realize how unique the Texas weather can be until I moved out of state. Growing up in East Texas, when the sky would turn that dark, eerie green and we were under a severe tornado watch, I’ll never forget how scary it was. My mom would have us all gather in the bathtub ( a central location of our house) and cover us with a mattress in case a tornado hit. Yikes!

    My heart and prayers go out to the all the tornado victims across the South and their loved ones. May God bless and comfort them…


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