Mommy Guilt

I think it’s safe to say we are all on a constant journey to find the perfect balance. I know my friends and I discuss it quite frequently, but it wasn’t until I was watching “Bethenny Ever After” last night and heard Rachel Raye say something that I really understood it’s not just me. I have an addiction to reality television, don’t judge me Anyhow, Bethenny is asking Rachel how she manages to juggle everything and she replies with, “I don’t, it is what it is” She went on to say that sometimes they eat dinner at midnight because that’s when they can. AND here’s the kicker, she’s totally ok with that. That’s her life and she loves it! How about that? Who’s standards am I trying to keep up with anyway? If it were my own I wouldn’t feel so guilty about spending too much time working, or not taking my daughter to play enough, or her diet not being exactly stellar all the time. Maybe I should be alright with working when I need to work and playing when I have time to play? We have a very happy life and a healthy family, what am I so worried about? I’m not going to go off the deep end and abandon my duties as a Mom and Wife all together, I’m confident in that. So why keep torturing myself with guilt?

It was at this point that my daughter asked to have a dance party, so I got up from writing this and we danced to the clean version of “Forget You”. It’s her current favorite song, and I can’t help but laugh until I have tears in my eyes watching her wiggle her little 3 year old booty to it.

God has a funny way of slapping you in the face with answers, and it just so happens I’ve been praying to find that perfect balance lately. So last night He speaks to me through my tacky reality show (that I love…), and this evening as I’m passing by the living room television to go answer more emails I hear “On Tonight’s Program – Working Mom Guilt, when works cuts into family time.” I was intrigued long enough to answer emails from my phone while standing there instead of heading to my desktop. That is, until they started talking about “turning it off” and referenced exactly what I was currently doing. Emailing from my phone. Thanks God, I get it now My new motto is to just go with the flow, live a relaxed life and enjoy the immense amount of happiness we’ve been blessed with.

Oh and have lots and lots of dance parties! They cure everything


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    My mommy guilt stems from not having another child for my, almost 3 year old, to play with. We aren’t really in a place to have another child right now, and it breaks my heart that he doesn’t have another child in the house to play with sometimes. Hmmm…

    But, this makes me feel so much better about the nights he gets McDonald’s for dinner and the fact that I’m not good at cooking the healthiest meals all the time.

    Thanks girl!

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    Great post, Lindsey! It’s such a relevant topic for working moms these days. I feel it constantly and I love your advice of just going with the flow and to stop worrying about it so much. I couldn’t be happier doing what I do for my job, and I couldn’t happier with my family. Balance isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing process and I think we need to just enjoy the ride!

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    Tootie says

    Deep sigh! I missed a dance party? Bummer. My son is home sick with his Yaya while I’m out kissing doctor booty to bring home some bacon (literally, that’s Red’s favorite food). I love working and I love being a mommy….and I’m learning to be ok with that :0) Great post!!!

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    ahhh i have no balance and i dont even have kids yet!! haha God always has such sneaky ways to show us exactly what we need to hear, I always knew Reality TV was good for something!

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    What a wonderful post Lindsey!! I have been working on doing the same thing lately. Some days I am great at my work, some days I am super mom and wife, but I am hardly ever everything at once…and that’s OK. We need to give ourselves a break and enjoy the ride!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Dori says

    Lindsey – great post and great photo of you and your daughter! I think as women the idea of being perfect in everything we do and who we are is instilled in us from a very early age. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies living up to that standard. But like some of the other replies, balance is definitely a journey I think sometimes we do need to ease up a little and know that we’re doing the best we can and enjoy life in all of our roles! (Especially the roles that involve shaking our booties with our little ones!)

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    Perfectly said. I work, I’m a mom, and I love to have fun. I have to remind myself daily that it is what it is… my life is good, so just enjoy! Love reading your blog!


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