Cute Little Cake Trifle

This was so fun and easy to make! The cake was made the night before and was left over from an Easter bunny cake. I couldn’t stand throwing away anything that starts with C and ends with ake We used white chocolate pudding because it’s what we had handy. I also used a fruit cup instead of fresh fruit because it’s what we had in the pantry. You can substitute any flavor cake with any fruit you like. Like most recipes I post here, it’s an idea rather than a set in stone “you must follow the directions or fail” kind of recipe. I especially love that this took all of 5 minutes to throw together

Cake Mix, Baked. Not iced.
Pudding – Cook according to package.
Fruit – Chopped.
Whipped Topping

Simply layer crumbled cake…

pudding, and fruit…

then top with whipped cream…

If I had a cherry handy it would’ve made for the perfect finishing touch. These are so simple to throw together and something fun and different to make for dessert. Enjoy!


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