Tissue Paper Art

I’m gonna keep it real here, the tissue paper used for this project came from a recent trip to victoria’s secret. The idea comes from my kindergarten teacher in 1989, Mrs. Jones She was so sweet, I just loved her!
Supplies needed:

A free download of the printable I created can be found by clicking here.

Cut your tissue paper into 1×1 inch squares.

Wrap around the end of a pencil, dip lightly in glue and press onto paper. Hold it there with the pencil for about ten seconds, then hold onto the paper and pull the pencil straight up.

Here’s my (almost) 3 year old’s rendition, beautiful


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    ooooh i remember (wow the comment font is soooo cute!) making those in school. i love how you remember your teachers name. i think i had Mrs Chow the year that we made these! i love how you recycled your tissue paper from VS.

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