I need your help please

We have been so blessed! Our 2-year-old son, Wyatt, has never been seriously sick. The other
night I took him to the doctor, as his cough (which we originally thought was just allergies), had
escalated to a painful situation for him and he had a fever. To be honest, I still didn’t think it was
anything too serious…

Dr. Joe suggested chest x-rays. He thought Wyatt had Pneumonia. Ummmm, wait, what?! This
is the same kid who is trying to destroy your little waiting room because he’s bored out of his
mind. How is that possible? I just thought maybe he had a little cold…what? Yeah, it scared the
heck out of me! I had these scary thoughts that they were going to have to admit him into the
hospital and blah, blah…my thoughts were going crazy. (Typical mom stuff, right??)

So, as it turns out the doctor found inflammation in both of his lungs and he is only in the early
stages of Pneumonia! Woohoo….I guess….

I was so proud of my child! He was totally cool with everything, the x-rays, even the shot. That
is, until the needle went into his leg. Oh—my—gosh! I had talked to Wyatt before his shot and
warned him it would pinch a little and he was totally cool with it. So, when that needle (which
turned out to be way bigger than I expected) entered my baby’s leg he let out the saddest wail I
have ever heard. I then felt like the worst mommy ever for lying to my child about what the pain
would be like! I just thought it would be one of those quick shots, like they get at their checkups.
~sigh~ It was really sad, and for the rest of the doctor visit he wanted to be held. If you know my
child you know that’s saying a lot. He’s already at the very independent, “Don’t hold me, Mom
(no longer ‘mommy’)”, phase.

I want to know how you mommies handle it when your kids have to get a shot. Do you warn
them? Do you bribe them? What do you say to them? Or, do you just let them be surprised?

Lastly, what fun things do you do to entertain your child when they are sick and need to rest? I
will be taking full advantage of these super cute activity packs! Also, Wyatt has a ton of favorite
movies, but I just hate sitting him in front of the TV. Should I just suck it up? Am I being crazy
thinking his brain will turn into mush if I let him watch TV/movies for several days?

Whew!! I’m done with my questions and crazy mommy rant. May the comments flow…

The adventure continues…

~Mrs. Robinson


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    Oh my goooooodness!!

    I am a brand new mommy, and feel so unprepared for it all, since I had never expected to have children. I took my baby girl to what I THOUGHT was just another routine baby check-up, to find that they had to do her first round of shots. Oh my dear goodness, I had NEVER seen my little sweet pea cry so sad before! What was worse, is that I think I may have shed even more tears than she did…

    Baby girls shots have been bad enough… I hate seeing her cry, especially when she gives me that shocked look that asks “why on earth would you let them DO that to me??” But oh how much harder when they can actually talk and TELL you how bad it was…. But the poor kids don’t get it, that its almost always worse for us!!!

    Thanks for sharing the story, and I'm glad it wasn't any worse wrong with him, and send good wishes that he's back to feeling better and getting into little boy mischief soon

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      Candace says

      Thank you for sharing Meagan! How old is your lil sweet pea? Bless your heart! You went into that appointment totally unexpecting those shots! EEEK, that’s rough.

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        She is now almost 7 months… Those first shots were at 4 months. It probably would have been bad, but not quite as difficult, if I’d KNOWN thats what they were going to do…. But since poor mommy crys when her baby gets shots, her daddy now takes her to those appointments! Lol.

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    Nicole says

    I have two kiddos (3 and 1). I tried not to tell them they were getting shots but that usually led to a hysterical reaction that took longer to get over with. So I decided to go the honest route. Yes, my 3yr old freaks out when I tell her and throws a fit when we have to go but the after math is much shorter and easier to deal with. I also bring dumb dumb suckers and give it to them the second they are done with their shot. Seriously they are done crying in like less than a second because that sucker is now the coolest thing in the whole world. The nurses are also great with rewarding them with stickers. Anyways…no matter how you deal with it, it is hard and I still cry when my babies cry but sucker do make it a little easier.

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    My Mom would always take us to get a strawberry milkshake at McDonalds after shots, so I now do this with Chloe. Works like a charm, but like Nicole says she’s still upset when the word “shot” is mentioned lol. Also, Chloe has a dr kit and she gives her stuffed animals shots prefacing it with “it only hurt a second” To sum up the world’s longest comment… -Milkshakes & Dr. Kit! Love your posts Mrs Robinson

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    Ginni says

    I’m with Lindsey on this one, bribery is the best medicine so to speak. We do a scoop of Baskin Robin’s ice cream after the doctor because that’s what my mom and grandmother did when I had to get shots ( it was right across the street from the doctor.) So, now if I know they have to get shots, I don’t tell them until right before hand and then promise them that they are going to get ice cream right after. Good Luck.

  5. 10

    brandy says

    Honest…it leads to trust in other areas. For example, When you drop them off and say I will be back in a little bit, they have that trusts built up and the believe you. We also get ice cream afterwards. My boys are now 12 and 9 and we still get ice cream after shots or getting blood drawn. Not a bribe, we would get it no matter if they freak out or not, just as a gesture to show that it’s over and life really does go on!

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    Coggie says

    Wyatt’s daddy hates shots too! As for the TV thing, that’s about all he did when he was here for those few days and I felt bad, but I saw that he was resting and happy, and once he feels better and is active again, I doubt if he’ll be TV-dependent. You and Jonathan do so many fun things with him, I can’t see him getting addicted to TV. Love you 3!

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    Roni says

    Our pediatrician told my daughter that if she blew on her pointer finger as she looked away that the shot wouldn’t hurt as much. I’m not sure if it’s just a mental trick, if it causes her to focus on blowing instead of the shot or what, but it works! She’s 8 now and still hates shots, but she STILL blows on her finger any time she thinks something is going to hurt. Even if it’s cleaning out a scraped knee or taking out a splinter, she just starts blowing away!!
    Good luck and I hope your little one gets better soon! My son had pneumonia a year and a half ago and the first set of shots didn’t help so he ended up having to get four shots total on this poor thighs!

  8. 15

    Margaux says

    This came at a perfect time! My 4yr old had to get his finger pricked at the Dr’s office the other day. I didn’t tell him before hand & he was pretty upset about it. We’ll definitely try some of these tips next time!

  9. 16


    Totally going to try these tips when my baby gets a little older. We already do the dum dums but he’s too little to understand if I tell him you are about to get a shot but it will be over soon.

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