Free Printable Love Coupons

I make these for my Husband every year on Valentine’s Day. I usually cut them out and glue them to different colored card stock. They’re free to download, easy to cut out, and fun to fill in. Enjoy!

With coupons:
Love Coupons

Just notecards:
Note Cards Printable


  1. 4

    Danielle says

    Used these to make a really cute coupon book for my hubby. I cut them out and glued them on card stock, wrote in what I wanted the coupon to say, then decorated with stickers. I punched some holes and tied the book up with ribbon. Thanks so much! He loved it.

  2. 7

    Jade says

    These are cute, but I wish they came with some ideas on what to write on them! Like the husband one, it’s a cute idea (too bad I’m single), but there should be a little category for ideas not already written on them so you can make them yourself. Y’know?

  3. 9


    these are such a cute, creative idea. im just printed them and im going to do them for my guy! im so excited . i think he will enjoy them, nw to just figure out what to write down.

  4. 10

    Natasha says

    Hi there,
    Love your interesting ideas and fun projects and I would so love to be able to use them, however when I try to download via Scribed I am being taken to a page where I am told that I have to pay either a daily, monthly or annual membership fee to then allow me to download your designs


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