Valentine’s Day Wheel Printable

Check out this really cute printable wheel from! Here’s the story…

Hundreds of years ago, astronomers fashioned volvelles — wheels of paper that worked like circular slide rules — to help track the movement of the planets. This version of a volvelle conceals rotating endearments along with phrases and symbols that convey your affection with a turn of the wheel.

Click here to get your free printable Valentine’s Day Wheel


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    Shawna says

    THis is so cute! I can’t get the link to work for anything though. I mean, it works, but Martha Stewart website won’t allow me to go to that page without redirecting to a blank page. Very frustrating! I wish you had a way to put the actual download on your site instead of using the link to

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    I would love to make these adorable wheels for my daughters for Valentine’s day however I am having the same problem with the Martha Stewart website as Shawna mentioned above. It would be great if you could post the template (in the actual size) or maybe you could email me it to me? Thanks

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      Hi there! I posted these back in February and didn’t save the download They were only available on as far as I know. I’m sorry!

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