Safety Tips from LifeLock

This is by no means a paid endorsement, I just happen to use and love LifeLock. I’ve always been wary about who has access to my information and now I don’t worry about it because I know they’re keeping an eye on that stuff for me. If something were to happen, Lifelock takes care of it immediately. Peace of mind is really nice nowadays!
This would be a very useful, unique gift for someone this Christmas as well

I received an email from them today with these helpful Holiday tips to keep you safe when shopping:

Here are eight easy ways you can shop smart and help keep your identity safe this holiday season:

In Stores

1. Be aware of your surroundings and protect personal space at the
ATM and registers.

2. Inspect ATMs and points of sale terminals and look for tampering
before swiping cards.

3. Keep cards in sight when paying to deter dishonest cashiers.

4. Store all receipts and closely check your monthly statements to
verify transactions.


1. Be sure your anti-virus software is installed properly and up-to-date.

2. Shop with retailers who you trust and who have a positive Better
Business Bureau rating.

3. Avoid links. Instead, visit shopping sites by directly typing in their
website addresses.

4. Don’t purchase items while using public computers or shared
wireless networks.

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