I Think I Broke My Butt

Two months ago I was, perhaps a little too emphatically, watching mid-term election results and accidentally “flopped” down on the arm of the chair instead of into the chair. It was one of those moments when you think “I’m an adult, I cannot cry…but I want to really badly.” The initial shock of the injury wore off after about thirty minutes of complete silence in which I prayed I had not just broken my butt. Two months later it has yet to improve and I’m beginning to wonder if I did in fact break my butt. From what I hear a bruised bone will hurt for quite a while, but this badly? I’m not in excruciating pain, but there is a constant discomfort present. I’ve decided my coccyx has one more month before I demand it fix itself already, since apparently there’s not much a doctor can do to fix a broken butt. I share this information with you in hopes that all you other “floppers” out there will be more careful when flopping into a chair. Also, I need help coming up with a way cooler explanation as to how I injured my tailbone. I can’t go around telling people the reason I walk funny is the result of a total nerd injury. I find it completely ironic that in all my life of playing nearly every sport imaginable this is how I injured my butt. Here’s hoping I’m only butt hurt and not butt broken


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    Margaux says

    Oh no! My sister has broken her tail bone 2x now roller skating {She works at Sonic} and it does take months to heal. Hope you feel better soon! A broken butt just can’t be fun! : )

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      Oh goodness gracious, every time I see those brave souls skating my route 44 tea to my car I want to hug them… I would be a disaster. The butt has healed, but I’ve noticed if I sit down for long periods of time it starts to hurt a tiny bit. The injury that keeps on giving

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    Go to a chiropractor! I was in so much pain on my son’s 5th birthday that I couldn’t stand up straight. Come to find out I broke my back and didn’t know it! Apparently it’s an old injury. But that’s odd, breaking something like that and not knowing it.

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    Dani England says

    The same thing happened to me. But it was due to giving birth to my 4rth baby, a big boy of 9.5 lbs! So, yeah, he broke my tail-bone. It took it some months to heal, and sometimes it still bothers me if I still on it wrong, for too long. So sorry though! It hurts really bad!

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    Jessica says

    I know how you feel… tw weeks ago I was grabbing something from my car, slipped on the ice and fell down hard as heck. I’m pretty sure I broke my butt, but since doctors can’t exactly give you a butt cast, I’ve just been dealing with it. Hope you feel better, and if you find a cure, let me know! Clumsy butt-breakers, unite!

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      Oh no Well, mine has gradually gotten much better. It’s only when I sit for long periods of time that I even notice it anymore. I hope yours heals quickly!

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        This just made me giggle, I’d forgotten about this … I received an email “there is a new comment on your post titled: “I Think I Broke My Butt” Hilarious. But super painful. I hope yours gets to feeling normal soon! #solidarity

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    Betsy says

    Speaking as a girl known for having a way to intimate affair with the ground, I have to say that the bones the doctors can’t do anything for are the worst to injure. The tail bone is one of the worst but the big toe (which I sadly broke wearing flip-flops) is right on up there. Adult or not, there is no shame in tearing up a little bit when something like that happens. ^.^

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      How am I just now seeing your comment? “intimate affair with the ground” Lol And, Amen, Sister. Worst. So painful. I’ve heard toes are brutal to injure

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    Shelly Miller says

    Thank you for your post. I slid on concrete today landing on the side of my butt. I am a tall skinny 35 year old but I, too have broken my butt. I didnt notice the pain until I tried to lay down. Thankfully Dr. Google led me to your post and since I’m not in bad pain, your story has given me hope. Funny that 2015 is becoming year of the butt again.

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