5 minute manicure

When I’m feeling like a frazzled, all over the place, desperately in need of a spa day Mom…I look to these three little bottles to kick start my feeling like a semi-manicured mom being held over until her next visit to the salon

Sally Hansen Triple Strong

Essie Super Duper Top Coat. Best Top Coat Ever. Prolongs my nail polish for an extra 3-5 days and it’s really shiny even after it dries.

Mango cuticle oil. Really the most important part of your quick little manicure. It takes all that dry skin around your nail and brings it back to life, making your hands look healthy again. Oh and it smells wonderful

I put these on in the order they’re posted and voila, quick little manicure to keep your hands looking decent in between manicures.

Check out this really neat blog I found while searching for product images of my nail polish, it’s called “Cosmetic Cupcake.” I only wish I could paint my own nails like this girl!

***All of these products can be found at Ulta, Sephora or online at amazon.com


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