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Dresser Refurb Before and After

Dresser Refurb Before and After

This past weekend I found this amazing dresser on Craig's List! My wonderfully crafty Husband transformed it into my dream dresser. All I had to do was pick out the color, he said no to coral. I can't … [Read More...]

Acne Help

How I Finally Cleared My Acne

It is devastating, arguably on a totally vain level, when you're a grown woman and your face breaks out like a teenager. I'm not talking "Oh I have a little something here.." I'm talking "holy cow … [Read More...]

Casual Valentine's Day Look

A Casual Valentine’s Day Look

When it comes to fashion I am most definitely the comfort over "couture" kind of gal. I believe in tshirts with costume jewlery, big hair and whatever purse I'm currently obsessed with. I would say I … [Read More...]


Birthday Party Planning

It's almost that time again! Chloe turns 6 this Valentine's Day :) As usual, I have spent the past 10 months dreaming up big party plans only to get a month away and have too little time to bring … [Read More...]


Never EVER Sign up with Gold’s Gym

3 months later I'm still trying to cancel my Gold's Gym membership. I've been hung up on 3 times by their corporate office as soon as I get transferred to someone they "have to take another call in … [Read More...]